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Ronan Rodrigo Nunes

Software Engineer @ PicPay

Dad, husband, woodworking hobbyist, skater noob and Software Engineer that loves to organize the fridge. Currently, work as Staff Software Engineer at PicPay on Platform iOS. My first contact with programming was in the early 2000s, creating scripts for the IRC Clients. Since then, I have never stopped programming. I started my career working with Backend and Frontend and then I migrated to Mobile about 6 years ago. I'm an enthusiast of the software craftsmanship movement, I love creativity, and I always look for an alternative to everything.



Software Engineer

Nov 2021 – Present

As Software Engineer at iOS Platform team, I am working to make PicPay scalable, designing, architecting, researching and developing tools and process to be used across the whole company. Some initiatives that I am conducing:

  • Script to measure build time at developer environment and on CI;
  • Research and create Plataforma iOS personas to identify the biggest pains and a profile;
  • Organize and manage Product Backlog;
  • Creating and managing task force teams;
  • Support business units around software engineering;
  • Create a Ruby suite of CLI scripts;
  • Elaborate OKRs;
  • Optimize Pull Request process.
Swift Bash Script Unit Tests Software Architecture Framework Creation Interview Pair Programming


Software Engineer

Apr 2019 – Nov 2021

As a Software Engineer from the Safety Media Platform team, I am working on key features for Audio Recording, designing, architecting and developing, for iOS apps for drivers and passengers. This is one of the ways to provide safe rides to all of our customers. As part of these responsibilities, I engage in the following activities:

  • Create an audio framework to other audio features
  • Teach training sessions for new teammates;
  • Design and architecture services that span across Uber’s stack and multiple parts of the Safety organization;
  • Partner with fellow engineers to innovate, architect, develop and scale Safety’s product and platform solutions that impact millions of Uber riders and drivers;
  • Work with Product Managers and Designers to nail core Safety user experiences;
  • Mentor and support my fellow teammates, as well as help, review the team’s technical design, code, and documentation. And also presenting some design patterns and testing methodologies;
  • Interviews with software engineering candidates.
Swift AVFoundation Unit Tests Software Architecture Framework Creation Interview Pair Programming


Software Engineer

Nov 2017 – Mar 2019

I worked on the Member Get Member (MGM) and Authorizations teams. In MGM I worked from the conception of ideas to the analysis of data in production. All with the aim of increasing user engagement with Nubank, making them invite their contacts to also be customers. And in Authorizations, I was one of those responsible for developing the Virtual Card feature in the iOS app.

XCTest TDD Unit Tests UI Tests Hypermedia API integration Swift Frameworks Continuous Integration Fastlane Coded views Clean Code Clean Architecture Design patterns Agile and Scrum

Concrete Solutions

iOS App Developer

Dec 2016 – Oct 2017

iOS applications creation with agile management techniques and customer relationships. I worked in two main projects, one was an e-commerce for the Carrefour grocery stores. And the second project was an audio streaming APP for the CBN radios. Both projects for the iOS platform and with Swift language.

XCTest TDD Unit Tests UI Tests Audio Streaming Rest API integration Swift Frameworks Continuous Integration Fastlane Storyboards e XIBs Coded views Clean Code Design patterns Git and Git Flow Apple guidelines Agile and Scrum.

Meus Pedidos

Software Developer

Jul 2015 – Nov 2016

I worked as a software developer for web (frontend and backend) and mobile on a solution for sales representatives. One important feature that I worked on, was one to measure the order profitability implementing the feature on mobile, backend, and frontend. I programmed with Xamarin/C#, Python, and JavaScript.

Android app development iOS app development Xamarin C# Python Django Clean Architecture Rest API integration Rest API development TDD Unit Tests Clean Code Design patterns Git and Git Flow Apple guidelines Agile and Scrum

PeopleOne Technology Services

Software Developer

Feb 2013 – Apr 2015

I worked as a web, iOS, and macOS developer programming in Ruby on Rails, Swift, and Coffee Script. Was a great opportunity to use MongoDB. The most curious project was a solution similar to a social network but for horse owners. And the most challenging, mostly because of the MongoDB usage and macOS apps development, the intention was to measure teams productivity based on machine usages.

Ruby Rails MVC Integration Tests MongoDB PostgresSQ Jenkins SASS Coffee Script Git Apple guidelines Agile and Scrum

Choperia Capim Teimoso


Jan 2010 – Dec 2012

Yes, I had a bar. Now, I know how to make a classic Brazilian drink, caipirinha! I worked in all departments since, promotions, music events, publicity, social network, barman, kitchen assistant and many other stufs. Was an excellent opportunity improve my communication skills.

Caipirinha Chopp Shrimps MPB


Software Developer

Mar 2011 – Mar 2012

Because it was a project management consulting company was an excellent opportunity to learn about Scrum with the bests, where some companies contract them to learn about and I received it for "free". I participated in two nice web-apps, a social network for events ( and a collaborative network for project management ( was my first professional contact with Ruby on Rails.

RubyOnRails MySQ Git Scrum


Software Developer

Nov 2009 – Jul 2010

My first software developer job, where I work in a Business Intelligence feature on a online document management, widely used by governments and large companies.

Java MySQ SVN jQuery jBoss ActionScript


Technical Software Support

Oct 2007 – Oct 2009

Technical support on Datasul EMS in technology module and beyond WebDESK and ByYou. I was very embarrassed and shy when I started this job, it was a good opportunity to improve on these points. This company (Datasul) was purchased by TOTVS in 2008.